Designer Profile: Buccellati

The Prince of Goldsmiths.

Dating back to the mid eighteenth-century, the Buccellati family worked as goldsmiths, whether as apprentices or small shops. As early as 1909, Mario Buccellati began learning the trade and eventually carried on his family’s rich tradition in 1919 when he established his first shop in Milan. He became so successful that his clients would come to include the Vatican and the Royal Courts of Europe, giving him the nickname The Prince of Goldsmiths.


Appropriately, design cues were taken from craftsman of the eighteenth century and the renaissance era, employing a great deal of of texture, having introduced the technique of texture engraving. They used their unique engraving skills which included designs that imitated linen, parallel engraving which creates a sheen appearance, engraving that criss crosses and designs based on nature-animal, leaves and flowers.

Another iconic style of Buccellati are the furry animals as they are called. This duck and chick are examples of such. The exceptional quality of the works comes from Mario himself personally choosing master craftsmen to execute his designs.

Since it’s inception, the Buccellati Company continues to maintain the high standard of craftsmanship and familial tradition with Gianmaria Buccellati leading the way until his passing in 2015, having been his fathers apprentice since the age of 14, ultimately passing on creative direction to his son, Andrea Buccellati which continues today.

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